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A painting of me?

Farnsworth, the lawyer, sent this over. It’s a sketch for a painting the Old Lady was going to have done. It’s just as well. It makes me look really fat.

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On Park Ave. with the Old Lady

This is one of the few remaining shots of me when I was living on the Park with the Old Lady. I looked great back then.

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Living on the street in NYC

This is a shot some human took when I was living in a box off Lex. I don’t know who put the towel in but it was nice of them. Could have been thicker, though.

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Me living with the “Old Lady”

This isn’t one of my favorite photos. The Old Lady took it and she wasn’t very good at that sort of thing. I look like an oily blob on her living room carpet.

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Thanks to illustrator Emily Cornell du Houx

While I was thanking people the other day, I wanted to add another human but was told there wasn’t room on the page. Now, I know better. The human I want to thank is Emily Cornell du Houx who did … Continue reading

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Welcome to Nine Lives on the Street

OK, that does it. Boo’s only been gone a few months and humans are already forgetting about him. And by that I mean not buying his book and not giving him his propers for writing it. Well, I’m not going … Continue reading

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