If you’re looking for one of those cat books about a sweet, cuddly kitten, this probably isn’t your kind of book. In the first place, it’s my story and I’m not all that sweet and cuddly – handsome and lovable, yes but sweet and cuddly – not so much. And most cat books don’t have the main character facing street punks, wannabe witches, birds of prey, or near-certain death beneath a subway train. Or, for that matter, a dead body on the floor by page thirteen. But if you like cats – real cats, that is – and you’re up for a sometimes funny, always exciting adventure on the streets of New York without actually having to go there, then you’ll like my book, Nine Lives on the Street.

Ask for it at your local bookstore. Or you can buy it at Amazon, B&N.com, or direct from the publisher.

My amanuensis

DSCF0555That would be Jon Saunders, the human who took down my story and put commas in the right places. (I hope.) Saunders is actually an advertising copywriter and a creative director who lives in Connecticut. I’m told he did a good job on the book. But you’ll be the judge of that. And while I’m at it, I’d like to thank Brahmaputra “Rocky” Singh who developed the software that translated everything from Cat into English so Saunders could write it down. BTW, amanuensis is a fancy word for dictation-taker or so I’m told. I thought using it might class this up a bit.

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