Even More Ask Boo

DSCF0555In your book Nine Lives on the Street, you say most cats don’t like to be picked up and don’t want to sit on somebody’s lap. But my cat, Cuddles, seems to like both. What do you say to that?

I’d say “Cuddles” is a terrible name for a cat.

I’m thinking of getting my boyfriend a cat. What kind would you recommend?

I’d go for a rescue cat. Just make sure your boyfriend is mature and responsible enough to take care of one of us. If you don’t think he is, you shouldn’t get him a cat. In fact, you probably should get another boyfriend. 

I enjoyed your book, Nine Lives on the Street , very much. Do you plan a sequel?

Are you kidding? We’re having enough trouble getting people to buy this one.

My long-haired cat seems to get a lot of matted clumps in her fur. Should I try cutting those out myself?

NO! There’s too much danger of accidentally cutting your cat instead of those clumps. Take her to a vet with a really good groomer. Like my personal groomer, Marsha, for instance.




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