More questions for Boo – the cat

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Is it OK to let my cat go outside?

It depends on where outside is. If it’s a nice, safe lawn in some suburb, it’s probably all right for
short periods. But you should stay with your cat in case he needs something. If it’s a city sidewalk you’ve got outside, forget it. I went outside in New York and stayed there for a year. It wasn’t very pleasant, but at least I got a book deal out of it. Your cat may not be so lucky.Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 12.21.21 AM

In your book, you and other cats seem to have real conversations.But all my cat ever says is “meow” Is all that
talk a bit of poetic license?

Actually, we don’t “meow” to other cats.That’s just for humans.We have other ways to communicate with each other. But you wouldn’t understand.

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