What Monster, my cat friend is doing now

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 5.39.24 PMSome of you have asked about Monster, the cat I met when we were held by the Animal Control people. Well, as it so happens, I saw him just the other day when I went to the vet’s for a check-up.

Here, as best as I can recall, was how our conversation went. Oh, by the way, Monster is now called “Fluffy.” It was his human’s idea. I still call him Monster, although that’s not his cat name.

Monster:  “So, I read that book of yours.”

Me:  “Wait … you can read?”

Monster:  “Yeah, I had to learn to read Human when I was in the FLF’s intelligence section. Sometimes it comes in handy.”

Me:  “Wow! I’m impressed.”

Monster:  “No . . . I’m just pulling your tail. My human read it to me.”

Me:  “Well, you had me there for a minute. Did you like the book?”

Monster:   “Yeah, I thought it was pretty good. Especially the part where we were in stir together. Could have used a bit more description, though.”

Me:  “Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind if I ever write anything else.”

Monster:  “I’ve got to ask though, why is that Saunders human’s name on the cover instead of yours?

Me:  “It’s some kind of legal thing, the publisher said. I don’t really mind.”

Monster:   “That’s just another example of anti-cat discrimination by humans. You should bite them.”

Me:  “I don’t really do that. Biting, I mean.”

Monster:  “Well, I don’t do it anymore . . . ever since I got my human. But I could make an exception.”

Me:  “No, really. I’m OK with it. Puts me in the same league as Dalton Trumbo.”

Monster:  “Who?”

Me:   “Never mind.”

Monster: “It’s your call. But if you change your mind, let me know. I’m pretty sure Lilly won’t mind.”

He may be called Fluffy now. But deep down inside he’s still Monster.

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